Client: Liberty University
Date: October 15, 2016
Services: Branding, Packaging
Mac&Cheetah is a creative and fun food truck concept.

Combining the lightning speed of the cheetah, with the deliciousness of America’s favorite guilty pleasure, Mac&Cheetah is a delight to the mind, body, and soul. What’s not to love about Mac & Cheese served at cheetah-like speeds with a copious amount of cheese to rival the cheesiness of the name? Coming soon to nowhere near you… unless you think I should start up a gofundme?

What do you get when a Cheetah eats Mac & Cheese?

The goal of this project was to combine two unlike objects, in this case, I had Mac & Cheese and a cheetah. Who knew that this beautiful concoction would come of it!? The design needed to have 3 “deliverables” of sorts. I chose to do a food truck mockup, brown carryout bags, and an identity system.

The Mac & Cheese delivery/to-go option that you never knew you needed.

The food truck is a modern twist on an old school way to serve food. This design is sure to catch eyes while it’s driving or parked in some random parking lot on the side of the road. The target demographic is cheese lovers, but mostly millennials and younger. The playful modern design is easy to love regardless of if you’re young or old.